LIDIX ML-2V Discriminator Currency Counter

LIDIX ML Discriminator Currency Counter

Recommended to use in Large Banks, Credit Unions and more.

LIDIX ML-2V Discriminator Currency Counter. Superior Performance with Fitness Sorting & Authenticity Detection option. The unit is equipped with quick booting system.


It has 6 Different Image Acquisition. Dual Side Serial Number Recognition option. Up to 20 different Currency processing.
Optional Serial number printing & management, external display and Thermal printer.
This unit can count multi country bills.

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Amrotec X-1 Mixed Money Counter


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Amrotec X-1 Mixed Money Counter is the world’s most compact and low-priced advanced advance money counter with a dedicated Reject Pocket. It is equipped with the most comprehensive – user-friendly functions necessary for tellers and cashiers in low to medium cash handling environment. With an ergonomic design – color TFT LCD display and user-friendly interface the Amrotec X-1 not only provides tellers trouble-free operation and an efficient working environment – but also allows uninterrupted counting experience with dedicated reject pocket. X-1 further provides exacting security standards against the latest counterfeiting attempts through multi-detection technology – while still maintaining a low false alarm level and an excellent acceptance rate. Software is loaded with New Gen $100 (unreleased) bill.