Secure your information and shop with confidence

Before Place your order from any Website, please first check the company address, copy and paste the address in google map and locate physical location for the website owner. In google map you can browse Street View and see the location live.

Most this type of website has no location, they rent P.O. Box from UPS store and use the store address as the company location.

You can click and check the Security logo in the website, it should connect to security company if they are registered and secured. If it is not connected, it means it is not secured. How can you trust to purchase from this website.

All your information and credit card numbers will be in a wrong hand.

Call the company phone number. If they answer by saying only “hello” it means this is a cell number and do not trust to purchase any thing from such a website. If this is a¬†business they should at list answer with company name and be thank full when you are calling them.

Ask them question about product, check how knowledgeable is the seller.¬†Ask them if they have service department and if you “can speak with service technician live now”. if they hesitate and said tech will call you back, it means they do not have a service department.

I place this blog page because we received some call from customers which they need setup or service on the product they order online and had bad experience and support with this kind of website.

I am hopping with this information you will place your order online from reputable companies.