LIDIX ML-2V Discriminator Currency Counter

LIDIX ML Discriminator Currency Counter

Recommended to use in Large Banks, Credit Unions and more.

LIDIX ML-2V Discriminator Currency Counter. Superior Performance with Fitness Sorting & Authenticity Detection option. The unit is equipped with quick booting system.


It has 6 Different Image Acquisition. Dual Side Serial Number Recognition option. Up to 20 different Currency processing.
Optional Serial number printing & management, external display and Thermal printer.
This unit can count multi country bills.

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Cassida Cube Mixed Money Counter (NEW)



The Cassida Cube saves you time and effort by accurately counting and sorting mixed bill stacks. No need to sort by hand… simply stack bills of all denominations right on the Cube, press a button and counting begins. The cube identifies denominations automatically and tracks both the count and value of bills run through. An onscreen report, that is also printable, shows values and counts by denomination – so you have a full accounting.
The Cube runs on both AC power and an included 12-volt rechargeable battery, meaning you can take the Cube to events, trade shows, estate sales or anywhere you need to count stacks of mixed bills. On battery power, you have hours of continuous counting on a single charge.cassida_3
  • Recognizes mixed denominations automatically
  • Identifies in any orientation, face up or face down
  • On-screen report shows count and value for each denomination
  • Choose SORT mode to sort by the denomination of first note through
  • Choose Add and Batch functions to easily set up bank deposits
  • Accurately counts and totals up to 250 bills per minute
  • Counts anywhere – AC or battery powered (included)
  • Compact footprint fits into any cash processing center
  • Great for retailers, offices, events, restaurants