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Five recomended Currency discriminator Counters

Currency Discriminator counters or mixed money counters will insure you to save time and accuracy counting un-sorted bills while checking for counterfeit notes. It will identify and count and detect counterfeit bills, sort, batch, add, orient and face. Will recognize, read and identify the currency in any position placed in the hopper. Optional fitness sorting operation detecting and separating banknotes with holes, tears, fold, missing corners, tape, soil etc. Counterfeit detection include in most units are IR, MR, and UV sensors with an excellent acceptance rate of bill recognition and fitness sorting using CIS sensor. With user-friendly functions and display, it can be customized in your needs. ACE Business Machines will help you to selected the best unit for a high volume applications and can be used by banks, credit unions, casinos, large retailers and other industries.

Cash and Coin Counting by weight

The smarter way to count and manage cash. With cash and coin management system you can find valuable cash management to save time, cut your loss and have all the information right in your hands. We identify your cash processing system and try to find a solution to save you time and cut your cost. For retail stores we offer quick till counts that save valuable time at the end of a shift, during spot-checks, verifying change disputes or while performing cash removal. The new Counting solution for Grocery, supermarket multi-lane cash no longer needs to be counted and you will have the management information to ensure effective real-time cash control. Manage information to capture data to a PC or print and create an audit trail. Our new collection of money counters are available order online now.

Check 21 Solutions

Check 21 is 21st Century act which financial institutions can process check payments electronically. After September 11th terrorist attack, plants were grounded and banks were unable to process deposit. The check processing system find a new way to process checks, and physically transportation of check is no longer needed. By scanning paper checks using scanning device, remote deposit capture can transmit image to a single file. Then this file can be use electronically for settlement. The benefits are cutting time, costs and risks in transporting paper checks. Identify potential fraud. Provide on-line image based service to customers. Extended cutoff time for deposit.

Coin counters generates revenue

Turn your change to cash with high speed coin counters allows easy sorting, wrapping, counting coins and tokens. Manual coin counting can be a waste of your valuable time and efficiency. Financial institutions can increase customer traffic, improve efficiency by installing a coin counting unit. Grocery stores can generate more revenue and speed up the customer service. Gaming industry also can generate revenue any improve operation and recycle coin in the house. Coin Counters can be used by banks, credit unions, retailers, vending machine operators, amusement operators, laundries, car washes and other industries all over the world. These machines feature heavy duty construction, high speed and ease of use.

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