Accubanker AB1100PLUS UV Money Counters, Currency Counters


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Accubanker AB1100 UV Plus Money Counter with UV counterfeit detection is stylish and compact - the new AB1100 accurately counts currency reducing labor time and losses due to human error while providing you with the peace of mind and time to take care of other important aspects of your business. The unit is equipped with a micro computerized mechanism that allows an accurate and high speed money counting process up to 1200 bills per minute addition and batching capabilities. For your safety and convenience this AccuBANKER unit is also the first to include our patented emergency stop feature which when activated stops all operations. The AB1100 currency counter is an invaluable tool for supermarkets movie theaters retail locations and many other business environments where cash transactions are a daily routine.


Money Counters

Manufacturer Warranty:
Three Years
Stacker Option:
Counting Speed:
1200 note/min
Counterfeit Detections:
Hopper Capacity:
100 ~ 200 notes
Stacker Capacity:
100 ~ 200 notes
Electric Power:
100 ~ 120 Volts
Product Weight:
16.7 lbs.
Unit Dimensions:
9.75"" x 11" x 6"

Product Brochure (ab1100.pdf, 400 Kb) [Download]

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