Accubanker D500 Counterfeit Money Detector


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Accubanker  D500 Super Dollar Authenticator Compact, accurate and user friendly, the D500 is capable of discriminating between multiple denominations, while detecting illustrations, infrared and magnetic security features.

Compact, fast and reliable, the  Accubanker  D500 Counterfeit Money Detector verifies immediately the authenticity of US currency and its denomination. Extremely user friendly and accurate. Truly a versatile component to any business. An audible and visual warning alerts you when a suspicious bill is detected.

Money Counters

Manufacturer Warranty:
Three Years
Counterfeit Detections:
IR + UV + MG + Watermark
Electric Power:
115 ~ 230 volts
Product Weight:
1.1 lbs.
Unit Dimensions:
5"w x 5 1/2"d x 2 3/4"h

Product Brochure (d500-1.pdf, 543 Kb) [Download]

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