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Acroprint ES1000 Atomic Payroll Recorder

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The powerful Acroprint ES1000 Atomic Payroll Recorder totals hours — including overtime totals — for up to 100 employees, with automatic break time deductions.

Easy and accurate payroll preparation
The Atomic ES1000 has been redesigned to offer even easier set up and configuration than ever before, thanks to user-friendly digital text displays to guide you through the set up process.
This affordable time and attendance solution totals the number of hours that employees have worked. No need to spend time calculating hours by hand — employee hours are totaled automatically. Even overtime totals are easy to read, saving you payroll preparation time. Break time is automatically deducted and two-color printing makes early and late punches easy to identify.
Versatile options
The powerful ES1000 payroll recorder handles up to 100 employees on a weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay period, or you can choose a job-costing option. This flexible clock can handle calculations using either exact or rounded time, and offers three language options: English, Spanish or French.
When you choose the bi-weekly pay period, the clock prints the first week on the front of the time card and the second week on the back — saving you money on time cards.
Reliable, even when the power is out
No need to worry about resetting this time recorder. The ES1000 is always on time, thanks to its atomic accuracy and internal battery backup. The ES1000 automatically forwards the month and year as needed and adjusts for Daylight Saving Time. With the optional Ni-Cd battery pack, the time clock remains fully functional (up to 200 punches) even when the power is out!
This full-featured totalizing time clock requires ES1010 time cards, and is designed for a professional office environment. The clock carries an industry leading two-year limited warranty.
Features & Benefits
  • Automatic totaling (including overtime) saves time and eliminates clerical errors.
  • Accommodates up to 100 employees.
  • Two-color printing makes early and late punches easy to identify.
  • Supports multiple pay period options: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly, or you can configure for job-costing.
  • Offers the following overtime options:
Daily (available for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods)
Weekly (available for weekly and bi-weekly pay periods only)
Both options can be enabled at the same time for weekly and bi-weekly pay periods.
  • Automatically synchronizes with time codes transmitted by NIST.
  • Handles date changes and Daylight Saving Time adjustments automatically.
  • Maintains correct time even during power outages, thanks to internal battery back up.
  • Records up to 200 punches during a power outage (with optional NiCd battery pack).
  • Prints in standard AM/PM hours or 24-hour format with minute or hundredth increments.

Time Clocks

2 Years

1 (es1000-atomic-brochure.pdf, 1,765 Kb) [Download]

2 (es1000-manual.pdf, 1,969 Kb) [Download]

3 (comparison.pdf, 367 Kb) [Download]

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