Amrotec Xcount Mixed Money Counters, Currency Counters

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This unit can count US currency and also will display the total in US Dollars. The same time counting will also look for counterfeit bills and will stop if any counterfeit bill is recognized. WE recommend this unit to retail stores, car washes, and small credit unions. it has very small footprint and can easy feet in any small are in front of counter.

AMROTEC┬« XCount is a mixed money Counter with certain value counting functions. It is equipped with the most comprehensive, user-friendly functions necessary for tellers and retail cashiers in low to medium cash handling environment. XCount+ is designed to replace high-end expensive brand name Piece counters in market place today.

Our XCount+ model is equipped with few innovative hardware and Smart user-interface for users, such as:
XCount+ can be customized to be included with all counting modes available or only those are needed for customers for simplicity. Such customization can be done by your sales representative or by a trained personal at customer's location.
XCount+ is constructed with compact and easy bill path access for jam removal and daily maintenance.
XCount+ includes a unique hand-held design with flexibility of movement from one location to another location.
XCount+ can be connected via USB port to AMROTEC's most innovative PC Suite software for software upgrade when it is needed. Software upgade to this machine can also be done by SD card.
With an ergonomic compact design, 2.8" Graphic LCD display and user-friendly interface for users, the XCount+ provides a reasonable security standards against the latest counterfeiting attempts through multi-detection technology, while still maintaining a low false alarm level and an excellent acceptance rate of bill recognition using IR-array sensor. XCount+ is adopted with software to read New Gen $100 bill. 

Money Counters

Manufacturer Warranty:
One Year
Stacker Option:
Counting Speed:
600 / 800 / 1000 notes/min
Counterfeit Detections:
MG + UV + IR
Hopper Capacity:
500 new / 400 old
Stacker Capacity:
200 new / 150 old
Electric Power:
90 volts ~ 240 volts 50-60 Hz
Product Weight:
16.5 lbs
Unit Dimensions:
11 W x 10.7 D x 11.1 H

Product Brochure (XCOUNT.pdf, 656 Kb) [Download]

User Manual (XCOUNT_User_Manual.pdf, 932 Kb) [Download]

Its so friggin fast...sometimes makes u wonder if its even detecting bills or JUST throwing them throw the sorter.....I'm trying to get a fake bill and mix it in a bunch of 20's to test it out.
Overall great product.
I made a good buy....
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