CashCount Software

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CashCount software is an extremely powerful utility that is designed to add serial communications capabilities to any Windows application. The main function of CashCount is to provide a way to connect currency and coin counter/sorter which has the RS232 device to a PC and be able to read data to or from the device directly from within any Windows application without the need for a custom serial device driver. Typical kinds of serial instruments being used with CashCount include currency value counter, currency sorter, and coin value counter/sorter that communicate over a standard RS232 serial interface.

CashCount offers an array of features including the ability to parse and filter data received through the serial port and cursor navigation keystrokes to incoming data.
CashCount can transfer serial data to any Windows application by sending the data as keystrokes. You can even set up the CashCount to issue commands to another application after each record of incoming serial data has been transferred to it.


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