CashScan 30 MD/UV Money Counters, Currency Counters with counterfeit detection

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The Cashscan Model 30 with Magnetic and UV counterfeit detection currency counter is quickly earning a reputation for being one of the lowest-cost, lightweight, low-noise, low-maintenance and highly accurate currency counters on the market.

The Cashscan Model 30 is a high throughput counter whose features include Auto-start, three speeds ranging from 900 to 1,500 notes per minute, automatic density adjustment, preset or user selectable batching functions.
We also offer the Model 30-MD, a unit similar to the Model 30 in function but with the addition of advanced counterfeit detection using multiple magnetic heads. This unit will allow you to not only count currency but to also verify the authentication of the currency you count.
Operates on Universal 90V - 240V
Dimensions: 10.27" x 9.25" x 8.86"
Weight: 10.5 Lbs.
Warranty: 6 months parts / 3 months labor

Money Counters

Manufacturer Warranty:
3 months labor 6 months parts
Counting Speed:
900 to 1500 notes/min
Counterfeit Detections:

Product Brochure (CashscanModel30.pdf, 1,223 Kb) [Download]

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