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Cassida 8800R Premium Bank-Grade Mixed Denomination Money Counter

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Cassida 8800R simplifies cash handling and boosts productivity through accurate, smooth, and reliable multi-mode cash counting, sorting, and counterfeit detection. It features multiple currencies, counting modes and functions, sensors, and intuitive interface with a clear 3.5"" touch screen display. The Cassida 8800R includes an external display and dust cover and is printing enabled (printer not included). Unlike simple money counters, the Cassida 8800R reads a mixed stack of bills as it's fed through, automatically detecting each bill's currency, denomination, serial number, orientation, and face, while also scanning for counterfeits. It then displays the total and allows viewing and printing itemized reports at the individual bill denomination and serial number level. Currencies: USD / CAD / MXN / EUR / GBP Modes: MIX: Quickly count a stack of mixed denominations SORT: Count and sort bills by one denomination VSORT: Count bills and sort by denominations COUNT: Count the number of bills/vouchers/tickets FACE: Sort bills face up or face down ORIENTATION: Sort bills in the same orientation Functions: ADD: Keep count of bills added BATCH: Set and count bills in custom amounts ADD & BATCH: Keep total count of custom batches AUTO-CURRENCY: Sort and count one currency in a mixed stack MULTI-CURRENCY: Count a stack of mixed currencies and denominations Sensors: Dual Contact Image Scanner (2CIS), UltraViolet (UV), InfraRed (IR), Magnetic (MG)

Count Speed:
1,200 bills/minute
Counterfeit Detections:
USD, Multi Currencies
Hopper Capacity:
500 Bills
Made in:
Mix, Sort, VSort, Count, Face, Orientation
Stacker Capacity:
250 Bills

Brochure (8800R_SalesSheet.pdf, 4,846 Kb) [Download]

Operation (8800R_UserManual_120221.pdf, 1,284 Kb) [Download]

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