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COUNTING MIXED BILLS JUST GOT EASY! Fast and accurate Counterfeit Detection!

The Cassida Cube saves you time and effort by accurately counting and sorting mixed bill stacks. No need to sort by hand… simply stack bills of all denominations right on the Cube, press a button and counting begins. The cube identifies denominations automatically and tracks both the count and value of bills run through. An onscreen report, that is also printable, shows values and counts by denomination – so you have a full accounting.

  • Recognizes mixed denominations automatically
  • Identifies in any orientation, face up or face down
  • On-screen report shows count and value for each denomination
  • Choose SORT mode to sort by the denomination of first note through
  • Choose Add and Batch functions to easily set up bank deposits
  • Accurately counts and totals up to 250 bills per minute
  • Counts anywhere – AC or battery powered (included)
  • Compact footprint fits into any cash processing center
  • Great for retailers, offices, events, restaurants

Money Counters

Manufacturer Warranty:
Three Years
Counting Speed:
250 notes/min
Counterfeit Detections:
Hopper Capacity:
100 notes
Stacker Capacity:
100 notes
Electric Power:
110/220 VAS
Product Weight:
4.2 lb
Unit Dimensions:
6.6" x 5.9" x 5.9"

Product brochure (Cassida_Cube.pdf, 521 Kb) [Download]

We bought this cube to count our daily cash receipts, and now we use the sort feature to make sure a stack of 20s is a stack of only 20's , nice extra.
I wanted to love this product. A bill discriminator (mixed bill counter) for under 1000.00 is so needed for many small businesses but the Cassida Cube is just not the ticket. I bought this unit after reading all the other reviews and watching another reviewer's video showing the unit operating quickly and without errors. We ran our tests with 20 mixed bills from 1's to 100's. The machine will in fact run smoothly like the one in the now suspicious video about 1 in 10 times IF you are only running twenty individual bills. Forget running a stack of a hundred different bills as the makers claim can be loaded. This is just a HUGE time waster in a box. 9 out of 10 runs jam, stick, fold,... you name it. The paper feed technology is rubber roller technology similar to the paper pickup in your printer. Imagine just how smoothly your printer would pick up a stack of paper that looked like used bills... that's what you have here. With that feed system, its amazing the unit ever works. Of the three error free runs we were able to achieve using just twenty mixed bills, only 2 counts matched and this only after much time consuming bill smoothing.
This thing is a toy. Will not run humid or reasonably used bills. It's sorting function consists of stopping when a different denomination is detected. The machine couldn't even make it through 100 single Presley's bills without repeated lock ups. By the $180 unit and sort by hand.
I have had this bill counter for about 8 months now and I have to say that it is still a great time saver. I would, without a doubt, purchase this item again. I stress the same thing that so many people do, which is MAKE SURE to put the machine's hopper and bill receptacle to the settings that the manufacturer says when getting ready to use the counter. If you do not have it set up correctly you are almost guaranteed a jam. The second item that I have learned is to run batch's of bills in amounts of about 50 bills. The bill receptacle is supposed to be good to hold 100, but it is more likely to jam the more bills that you run through. The third is that if the bills are especially busted (think especially with 1's and 5's) due to being in circulation for so long, it is more likely that you will jam the machine. I have almost no issues with 10's, 20's and 100's with this machine. If you are using almost all crumpled 1's and 5's then it might be best to spend more on another (much, much more) expensive machine. This machine was about 750 shipped, but a bank quality counter would have run closer to 2,000-2,500. For about 30% the price of the better machines I will stick with the Cassida Cube
I didn’t know it came with a battery option as well until I opened it. At fist it made no sense to why my bill counter needed a battery option, but taking the Cube to the cash instead of taking the cash to to the Cube has proven to be BY FAR a better setup.
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