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CD-1000 Single Pocket Currency Discriminator

CD-1000 is a single pocket Multi-currency Value counter with Counterfeit detection for USD, EUR and Local currencies.

Up to 3 currencies can be installed. Easily open front head for easy maintenance.


ECB Approved. Sophisticated counterfeit note detection by UV, FL, MG, MT, IR. Value counting for USD, Euro and Local currency with full-size IR CIS.

Program downloading through RS-232, USB port. 3.2” TFT Color LCD display. 4 direction (Face, Bottom, Width, Length) note recognition. Compact and attractive design. Option for 2-line external display or Dual screen display. Easily open front head for maintenance. Easy trouble-shoot by user from keypad. 3D size detection. Real Time Clock. Recording the counted result.

CD-1000 Single Pocket Currency Discriminator


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