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Currency Discriminator Counter Amrotec MiB 11V

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Currency Discriminator Counter Amrotec MiB 11V Bank level with high-performance, high-speed & heavy-duty with Counterfeit Detection Counting Speed 1200 to 1500 notes/min Counterfeit Detections 2 CIS, MR-UV-MG--IR

Amrotec MiB 11V currency discriminator Bank level with high-performance, high-speed & heavy-duty with Counterfeit Detection Counting Speed 1200 to 1500 notes/min Counterfeit Detections 2 CIS, MR-UV-MG--IR

Amrotec MiB 11v is a revolutionary transformation to desk-top currency processing. MiB 11v is a 2 pocket currency discriminator counter with World currencies vale in one-pass. MiB 11v is designed for large volume cash processing up to 72 ,000 bills per hour, error free while optimizing cash processing efficiency at financial retails and casinos.

ONE of it's Kind - "MiB-11V" processes Mixture of World- Currencies in a Single-Pass

Featuring sophisticated Dual CIS Sensors image processing technology, Mi B11 provides various counting and sorting modes of uninterrupted operation with a dedicated full Reject pocket while at the same time, provides un paralleled Bill recognition, denomination and superb suspect detection.

Preciously and accurately analyze various images and security features on each and every passing bank notes at a high 1,200 NPM speed to denominate & detective the most sophisticated counterfeits. Complete Upper bill path access from the top opening and Lower bill path access from Rear cover for easy and quick jam bill removal facilitate unique user experience and smooth operation. Sophisticated Image Processing Technology all in Mi B11 Currency Discriminator with various discriminating and sorting operation for single currency or even mixture of world currencies. Smart Touch Screen panel is Today’s trend. With a soft touch on the touch screen, it will take users to various counting modes to detail counting reports to Day and Grand total.

Count Speed:
1200 to 1500 notes/min
Counterfeit Detections:
USD and CAD - Up to 40 Currencies
Hopper Capacity:
500 ~ 700 Notes
Made in:
100 - 240V 50/60Hz 1.2A
Reject Capacity:
100 notes
Stacker Capacity:
Up to 200 notes
26.4 Lbs

Product Brochure (AMROTEC_MIB-11V_FINAL_Catalogue_2019_Release.pdf, 581 Kb) [Download]

Bought this for the High School I am Controller at, works great cut time for counting money by 75%. They counted by hand before and after each sporting event for gate, concessions and apparel shop 3 hours, 45 minutes now, probably even less. Works well only item to keep it from getting five stars is some bills that have a crease will not go through first time, but this is low in occurrence.
I'm the treasurer for our PTA. A cash counting machine seems a little over the top, but we have an event once a year which typically generates $4K-$6K of small dollar event cash sales. Generally, it takes hours for a half-dozen people to count and its an absolute headache for me who has final sign-off responsibility. This year, it was about a 20-minute process from absolute start to finish. This thing was worth every penny!
works great! hardly jammed at all. i put a reasonable amount of bills everytime.
Great investment for any business. This machine will save you a lot of time. I haven't had any issues with it miscounting and it will usually clear itself if it jams up with a folded bill or whatever the reason.
I will give this unit A+. I bought one unit for my store 6 months ago. Very accurate with counterfeit detection. The customer service is very friendly and technician available always.
This machine works amazing .. I work in the night life industry and my tips are 90% dollar bills .. this helps cut down counting time and is very accurate. If bills are crumbled or disheveled machine will read error but as long as you straighten out bills and organize as you feed them into machine you will love this money counter ! 5 stars
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