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Currency Discriminator Counters AMROTEC MIB-1

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Currency Discriminator Counter AMROTEC MIB-1 Single Stacker, Revolutionary, USD+CAD

AMROTEC’s new-generation model “MiB-1” is one of the world’s smallest Single-Stacker Currency discriminator / Mix Bill Value Counter and Revolutionary as to how mixture of world-currencies are processed. Having US and Canadian currency software as standard, MiB-1 model is able to process them at a high-speed of 1200 bill per minute in a Single-pass and provide users with separate count results and print out.

Full Banknote Image Scanning: MIB-1 model is equipped with Full Image scanning capability with CIS image to generate highest bill recognition rate and includes sophisticated suspect detectors, such as IR-array, MR (Magneto-resistive / Magnetic) and UV sensor for superb suspect detection. Smart & most comprehensive user-friendly functions provides simplicity of operation at front bank tellers, retail cashiers and best suitable for uses of anywhere from small volume to up to 500,000 pcs of banknote pieces of processing a year. it runs at High-speed up to 1200 bills per minute in all counting modes with suspect detection on. While “MiB-1” includes most SIMPLE user-friendly operating interface with various modes of operation (MIX, SINGLE, SORT, FACE, ORIENT and COUNT)

Count Speed:
1200 ~ 1500 Notes/min
Counterfeit Detections:
USD up to 20 Currency
Hopper Capacity:
up to 500 Notes
Made in:
Stacker Capacity:
Up to 200 notes
13.2 Lbs

Brochure (MIB-1.pdf, 166 Kb) [Download]

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