Fraud Fighter CT-550 Counterfeit Money Detector

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The Fraud Fighter CT-550 Compact Auto-Counterfeit Detector is equipped with infrared and magnetic detection with Portrait Pattern Recognition. It has a verification speed of less than a second per bill. Displays grand total value and number of verified bills for each denomination. Automatic bill feeding with front/rear bill ejection option. Visual and sound alert on counterfeit bills with large LED display. Compact and sleek design that is easy to operate. Verifies US dollars and is upgradeable for future releases of U.S. currency.

A fully automatic counterfeit detector that doesn't require any bill authentication knowledge by an operator. The CT-550 instantly verifies the authenticity and the denomination of the bills. A grand total is automatically displayed on screen, and a detailed report with bill count by denomination can be easily viewed anytime. The ultra compact size of the CT-550 currency counter is perfect for locations where space is at a premium. The bill verification speed of less than one second guarantees your customers a smooth and undisrupted cash transaction.

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