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Accurate, reliable, and fast counting with simple operation. If you're looking for an affordable and accurate note counter for small business...your search is over. The Billcon NL100 Note Counter is desgined for excellent performance in basic currency counting applications.

NL-100 has necessary and sufficient durability with features include selectable speeds, automatic start, variable batching. and addition mode


  • Reliable & Safety design. (approved by UL UL Certification # E182606)
  • Accurate counting by 2 selectable speeds up to 1400 notes / minute.
  • Unique dust cover protects from outer objects which may cause troubles.
  • Robust build chassis for daily use.
  • Designed ser-friendly, simple and easy to use puch buttons.
  • Portable, easy to carry, lightweight and compact design with a built-in handle

Billcon NL100 Compact Money Counter

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Billcon NL-100 money counter


Billcon N-120A currency counter is a high volume counting machine with simple operation without counterfeit detection. If you're looking for an affordable - accurate and high-quality note counter...your search is over. The Billcon N-Series Note Counters offer you all this...and so much more. Heavy duty construction - sleek design and 1500-note-per-minute speed...all in one compact machine. With the Billcon N-Series you can increase your company’s productivity - and get the ease-of-use - product reliability - and superior after-sales support that’s made Billcon a success in over 70 countries worldwide. 

Billcon N-120A Currency counter

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