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Billcon DL-2000 Currency Discriminator Counter Two Pocket Counter with Counting Speed 800 to 1000 notes/min Counterfeit Detection MG, UV, IR, color CIS

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Billcon, a global leader manufacturing banking machines, now creates new currency counter DL-2000, which is designed for excellent performance in various needs of counting requirement. Bank level with high-performance, high-speed & heavy-duty with Counterfeit Detection. With main Stacker and a full dedicated reject pocket. This unit can count US currency and also will display the total in US Dollars. You can Sort the currency at sorting mode. It can also separate in single mode if the same currency is not recognized. While counting also will identify counterfeit bills and with red light and CF in screen will reject to upper bin instead of stopping. We recommend this unit to Large Banks, Merchant line in Banks, Car Washes, and Credit Unions.

Applying Billcon's own unique severe quality control system, DL-2000 ensures accurate/reliable cash counting process.

DL-2000 Specifications
  • Currency UP to 10 currency (under ALL function, count up to 6 currency)
  • Count speed High : 1,000 notes per-minute
  • Low : 800 notes per-minutes
  • Batch By Number, By Amount, Denomi Batch
  • Hopper capacity Up to 500 notes (depending on currency and banknote quality)
  • Stacker capacity Up to 200 notes (depending on currency and banknote quality)
  • Reject Capacity Up to 100 notes (depending on currency and banknote quality)
  • Detection MG, UV, IR
  • Dimensions W300 X D268 X H316mm (excluding Hopper Guide)
  • Weight 7.8kg
  • Power consumption 50W
  • Power supply 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.2A
  • Accessories Remote Display (ODLP-1)

Money Counters

Manufacturer Warranty:
One Year
Stacker Option:
Counting Speed:
800~1000 notes/min
Counterfeit Detections:
Hopper Capacity:
Up to 500 notes
Stacker Capacity:
Up to 200 notes
Reject Capacity:
Up to 100 notes
Electric Power:
110 - 240 VAC 50/60 HZ

Product Brochure (DL-2000.pdf, 538 Kb) [Download]

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