NEWKON Perforator 112-905-P8D PAID and DATE HEAVY DUTY


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NewKon Perforator unit Perforates PAID and 8 digit Date.

Heavy Duty and handles up to 30 papers per insertion.
Perforating Machines provide that extra degree of document protection needed in today’s world. A full range of characters, dates, numbers, cancellations, logos & symbols are available for permanently marking documents and for numbering, authentication or security purposes.
Your best protection for permanent and unalterable marking of documents - perforated holes can’t be erased.
Applications include: Dating, Numbering, Cancelling, Receipting, Coding and Validating for Invoices, Documents, Claims, Check, X-Rays, Credit Cards, Badges, Passports, etc. Fast, convenient & easy to operate. Automatically perforates up to 35 pages per insertion. Attractively priced; costs less than other comparable electric perforators.
Rugged Construction: made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy die casting. Completely enclosed gears and motor bearings are lubricated for life. All steel punches and die plate. Encased in a plastic case for economical pricing and shipping. Various styles and options available.
Dimensions: 17.2”x 11” x 12”
Shipping Weight: 98 lbs.
Perforating ability: up to 35 sheets, depending on diameter & number of needles & paper thickness
Power: 120V; other voltages available on request


17.2”x 11” x 12”
Perforating ability:
up to 35 sheets
PIN Selector Type:
PAID and 8 digit Date
Shipping Weight::
98 lbs.

Product Brochure (NewKonPerforators.pdf, 357 Kb) [Download]

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