Widmer P400U-R RETIRED Badge ID Perforator


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Widmer P400-U-R Manual Perforator handles 12-20 Pages at a time. Widmer helps you Specify when, where and how many with this Heavy Duty Perforating machines.

Perforate text words and messages into paper, card stock and much more with the Widmer P-400 text perforator. Several different models are available depending on what you need perforated. This includes PAID, VOID, CANCEL and Spanish text phrases such as PAGADO and CANCELADO.

The P-400U allows you to choose a word up to 5-6 characters of your choice. This text perforator is very easy to use and is designed in such a way that little physical effort is required. It sits nicely on any desk or table. Place your order today!


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